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Part Two: Psychological Warfare:

In the first part of this post, we established that the West took a leaf out of China’s book by locking down. Speculating that as in the US a leaf might be more than some of our leaders took.

The same leaders that are knee-deep in building back better with the CCP belt and road money.

Johnson said in a call with President Xi in February that he stood “shoulder to shoulder” (© copyright Tony Blair and George Bush) with CCP’s President Xi in tackling the virus, lockdown and all.

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Standing shoulder to shoulder with world leaders rarely ends well for UK PMs.

Johnson had to make that call to President Xi after Johnson Sr had been told by the Chinese embassy that the CCP were disappointed by the lack of a call from the PM.

The CCP want you to jump said Stanley, how high said our PM.

China is the birthplace of military strategy — deploying mind tools to outwit the enemy. Sun Tzu being the DaddyThe Uighurs recent victims of psychological warfare.

In part one we looked at the role of public opinion warfare, here we will look at psychological warfare.

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Psychological Warfare:

The best way of measuring the success of psychological warfare is to look at the outcomes of the assault.

The British Public swallowed five huge lies, detailed below, and then acted on those lies.

Psychological warfare worked. Big time.

2020 was the year when we stood centuries-old wisdom on its head and replaced it with junk science.

The public absorbed the garbage: the manipulated data, the three-word slogans, the steep looking graphs, the grave monotone voices at the daily call of the dead.

Johnson feinted herd immunity, causing Starmer to back lockdown.

Johnson u turned, locked down, creating a one-party state with all parties supporting lockdown.

Neil Ferguson admitted he followed CCP China in locking down saying:

“I think people’s sense of what is possible in terms of control changed quite dramatically between January and March,” Professor Ferguson says. When SAGE observed the “innovative intervention” out of China, of locking entire communities down and not permitting them to leave their homes, they initially thought “what we could get away with.” they initially presumed it would not be an available option in a liberal Western democracy: a communist one party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought… and then Italy did it. And we realised we could.”

Take a leaf out of CCP’s book, lockdown, apply the psychology.

Applied psychology works.

The mind can take one record off and put another one on by carefully applied psychology.

Self-help books wouldn’t be a thing unless we believed we could train our mind to behave differently.

There are whole genres on persuasion and influence, sales techniques and marketing, and trusted brands.

We can shape our own thinking but there are thousands of marketers, opinion writers, thought leaders, and influencers all trying to shape our thinking for us.

The viral culture of social media means new ideas can spread quickly with our mind being shaped by the algorithms deciding our feed.

In health care, mind shaping is a clinical activity performed by Clinical Psychologists.Their job role includes cognitive behavioural therapy.

We are used to benign and trusted third parties trying to shape our thinking and change our behaviour. Those pictures on cigarette packets spring to mind.

However, psychology can be applied in a malign way.

Messages when repeated are believed even if untrue.

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Brainwashing was a term first coined by a CIA Operative Edward Hunter in 1950 to describe Maoist China’s ability to manipulate the masses. Brainwashing is defined by psychologists as:

“Social scientists now recognize brainwashing as a form of severe indoctrination marked by physical and psychological stress, intense social pressure, and a variety of persuasion techniques…”

The role of SAGE and Messrs Whitty and Valance are well documented.

Less well known are the psychologists.

Psychologists employed by or advising government are a key reason why we are where are.

The psychologists have made the public comply with government policy, law and guidance.

Whilst psychology has a part to play in public health messaging, psychology should only be applied in a public health setting where the benefits from the psychology being applied far outweigh the public health risks of not having the messaging being applied.

That’s the cornerstone value of being a health professional, do no harm. Some psychologists are health professionals, clinicians regulated by professional bodies.

There is also the issue of whether a NPI requires individual consent before being applied. The Montgomery case on informed consent suggests it does.


The UK covid advice committee on applied psychology is the Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours or SPI-B

SPI-B’s terms of reference include:

“strategies for behaviour change to support, control of and recovery from the epidemic.”

Amongst SPI-B’s number are clinical psychologists and appropriately enough a Professor Fear.

Here’s some of their output dated 22 March 2020 entitled “An Evaluation of options for increasing social distancing”

In this document SPIB under the heading “persuasion” the committee advised the following:

The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging”

Under “incentivisation” the committee advised the following:

“Communication strategies should provide social approval for desired behaviours and promote social approval within the community.”

Under “coercion” the committee advised the following:

“Experience with UK enforcement legislation such as compulsory seat belt use suggests that, with adequate preparation, rapid change can be achieved”

77th Brigade:

On top of a battery of psychologists, the UK government has also called in assistance from the psychological cavalry, the 77th Brigade of the UK Army, to help the communication messaging.

77th Brigade are described by the Daily Mail and the British Defence Journal as the British Army’s “psychological warfare unit.”

Similar military messaging techniques were deployed in Iraq to change the “hearts and minds” of the Iraqis to believe that regime change was warranted as Saddam had weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in contravention of UN resolutions.

The UK military has a long history of deploying a “hearts and minds” military strategy for example in Malaya and Northern Ireland where the strategy was deployed to defeat any “counter-insurgency.”

Given 77th’s role in information management and messaging, part of that role has been to deploy measures to counter any insurgent dissenting voices.

Dissenting voices against lockdown such as Professor Suneptra Gupta have been marginalised and verbally attacked. Who by? Is Professor Gupta an insurgent that needs countering? Or is she a world renowned scientists suggesting that the lockdown hypothesis is not supported by the evidence?


Despite our Chief Medical Officer describing covid as

“mild for up to 80% of people”

and in so doing attracting a “Remember David Kelly death stare” from Boris Johnson, the Department of Health and Social Care made available an advertising budget in excess of one hundred million pounds to get over these “hard-hitting messages” with emotional impact.

Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money has been spent on television adverts, billboards, and social media to get these messages over and over to change minds and influence behaviour.

It worked. The CIA Director William Casey once said,

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”

Here are the biggest 5 lies we believed:

Big Fat Whopper Number One:

Lie One: Infections/Cases:

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Up until 2020 if you were ill with a seasonal virus, you went to see an unmasked GP in primary care, who would then diagnose you and, if necessary, prescribe a remedy or if further investigation was needed refer you for an x-ray.

In 2018 60,000 people died of flu.

And yes hospitals’ capacity became an issue but we muddled through.

At no point in 55 years, prior to 2020, have I been asked by a GP to do a swab if I have presented with a respiratory infection.

Diagnosis for seasonal viruses has been via examination and questions from the Doctor on symptoms just like what happened during the swine flu pandemic.

Primary care went into (or was put into) hibernation in March 2020.

Every “pandemic” requires “cases” or “infections” but 2020 was the year the Primary Carer, the GP, was largely cut out of the diagnosis equation. Strange?

Most diagnosis of covid cases has not been undertaken by Doctors but by labs. People have been sent the PCR tests to self-administer a swab and then send the swab to the lab. The lab then came back with an answer of positive or negative.

Track and Trace is a key part of this ponzi scheme.

Track and Trace find more people to be tested, more people being tested means more “positives” are found.

Big problem here is that the PCR test and the successor lateral flow test are the equivalent of using a metal detector to find potatoes.

The PCR test has a false positive rate of over 90%.

Here’s the paper debunking the PCR test as a means of detecting viral infection.

The CDC has also updated guidance on PCR tests and the CDC guidance if applied to the UK tests would render most positives as unreliable.

If the test is 97% inaccurate, then there is no way of knowing how many people have died from covid, rather than dying with a 97% inaccurate test within 28 days of being tested.

If we rely on the ONS figures just over 18000 people have died from covid.

Go figure.

The evidence base for infections is about as solid as jelly.

No one knows how many have had covid or have died from it.


If we stopped testing the pandemic would be over.


Lie Two: People who are asymptomatic can transmit the virus.

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Before 2020 if there was a virus going around causing coughs and colds those who were ill stayed at home, perhaps seeing a GP, and followed basic hygiene measure until they were better. Those who weren’t ill carried on as normal.

That’s because a virus only becomes infectious if the cell in which it is hosted bursts creating symptoms and infectiousness. No burst cells, no symptoms, no infectiousness.

2020 was the year we believed that if we were not ill we posed a risk.

Believing that lie meant we had to do the following:

1. Lockdown.

2. Self-isolate.

3. Wear a mask.

4. Testing of healthy people.

There is no evidence anywhere in the world that shows that there is any risk of asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic transmission.

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases, burst cells.

The meta-study of all academic papers on the topic concluded as follows :

Estimated mean household secondary attack rate from symptomatic index cases (18.0%; 95% CI, 14.2%-22.1%) was significantly higher than from asymptomatic or presymptomatic index cases (0.7%; 95% CI, 0%-4.9%; P < .001)

A P value of below 0.001 is the way statistics describes zero in terms of significance.

And it wasn’t just academics who showed there was no such thing as asymptomatic transmission.

Some of those leading the response said the same thing.

Here’s Dr Fauci in January 2020 saying that there is no history of asymptomatic transmission being a transmission driver with any respiratory virus ever.

Here’s WHO saying the same thing in June 2020.

Given that the government’s own assessment was that 200,000 UK citizens would die because of lockdown, the policy of lockdown achieved little in stopping the transmission of a virus.

The vast majority of those locked down were not ill.

Up until 2020, the standard response when there was nasty flu like virus would be “stay at home if sick”, “carry on as normal” if not.

Use a handkerchief and wash your hands.

There was no need to regulate this behaviour as it was so well established as to be a social norm.

However by April 2020 the UK threw out the acquired wisdom of only staying at home if ill and replaced it with everybody stay at home or off school regardless of whether ill or not. Mad!

And here’s the clincher, Wuhan celebrated New Year without any restrictions at all.

The myth of asymptomatic transmission was the second biggest lie. How much havoc has that lie created.


Lie Three: Masks work:

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No they don’t. The civil service advisers’ advice in March was that masks did not work.

That was the WHO’s advice as well.

And during SARS in 2003 it was a criminal offence punishable by up to AU$110,000 to promote masks as masks were seen a health risk when moist with breath.

But WHO changed their advice on masks in June 2020 because of “political pressure” according to Newsnight.

Asymptomatic people do not transmit the virus to any great extent. That’s proven. Even Dr Fauci said transmission by asymptomatic people rarely happens with respiratory viruses.

So if you are not ill what the hell are you doing wearing a mask? Apart from mindlessly complying?

A mask can be a medical device which needs regulating by the MHRA. We are not being required to wear a regulated medical device. If we were it would require our consent.

Face coverings or masks are though governed by regulation on product quality.

The guidance on that product quality is here.

In particular, any description used on these products cannot say that the masks work to prevent infection.

If face coverings worked to prevent infection they would be classed as either PPE or a Medical Device. As they are not given that classification the logical consequence is that unregulated masks do not offer any protection from infection.

The benefit of wearing a regulated N95 medical mask has been shown to be statistically insignificant.

As there is little or no known benefit of wearing an unregulated mask, anyone who requires you to wear a mask, including the government, is under an obligation to explain the risks of that requirement to us.

Anyone ever seen the government’s risk assessment on face coverings/masks?

The risks of bacterial infection from cloth masks are known though.

Dr Fauci contributed to research on the incidence of bacterial pneumonia in prior influenza panics.

And Doctors are now warning that bacterial pneumonia caused by mask wearing is now on the rise worldwide.

And the clever bit of reverse psychology applied here was the idea that wearing a mask was to protect others and therefore if you did not wear a mask you were selfish.

Big Fat Whopper Number Four:

Lie Four: Lockdowns work:

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No, they don’t. How could confining people to warm inside spaces with limited exercise be anything other than damaging to our immune system, our well-being and our mental health?

How could locking up healthy people posing no risk be anything other than the height of stupidity?

The data is inLockdowns don’t workThat’s the scienceLockdown model was flawed all along. Lockdown is the witchcraft.

Big Fat Whopper Number Five:

Lie Five: A Safe and Effective Vaccine:

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There is no real evidence that the Pfizer vaccine is either safe or effective. To go on the trial arm a volunteer had to have a positive PCR test, 97% unreliable, plus one symptom. The clinical endpoint for the vaccine is symptom reduction not immunity. The key point that the symptoms may have reduced naturally as anyone on the trial arm had only a one in thirty three chance of having covid.

Finally the history of emergency use authorisation vaccines is terrible. Rushed out, caused terrible damage, withdrawn. Happened in 2009 in UK and in the USA under President Ford descibed as a fiasco.

So Governments worldwide applied psychological tools to believe lies to get us to perform actions harmful to our health.

To what end?

2020 has seen the biggest deprivation of liberty in our lifetime. Authoritarians require fear based myths to achieve a removal of liberty.

Myths are evidence-free, unscientific narratives told to induce fear to achieve behaviour change, compliance and control.

Bertrand Russell made the point, perhaps harshly:

There is something feeble and a little contemptible about a man who cannot face the perils of life without the help of comfortable myth. Almost inevitably some part of him is aware that they are myths and that he believes them only because they are comforting. But he dare not face this thought, and he therefore cannot carry his own reflection to any logical conclusion.”

Mr Russell summarising most people’s thoughts when putting a mask on before going into a shop.

2020 was the year unscientific, untrue and evidence-free myths were planted in our brain and allowed to seed and grow to disastrous effect.

In the third part we will look at the role of legal warfare.