You know Kevin, the employee who is always one step ahead of HR, cruising at a very low altitude but high enough to keep him out of procedure,having no desire to be a high flier, taking his share of sick days, but never going the extra inch let alone mile, keeping a keen eye on the clock but taking no account of the organisation’s performance.

We’ve all encountered a Kevin. He’s a love child of all Boris Johnson’s worst qualities mashed up with Cummings’ guile and cunning

Problem is the Kevins of the world are street smart. When employees like Kevin are selected for redundancy they identify problems with the scoring, quicker than HR can say “damn wish I spotted that”.

Over the course of this week we identify five common problems with selection, identified by our barrack room lawyer employee Kevin.

More common than you would think is the problem of sums. Or as Kevin would say “Do the math.”

Over the course of 30 years in practice the number of times a selection for redundancy has fallen over because of a failure to do addition correctly.

Common maths errors include:

1. Failing to add the scores up correctly.

2. Failing to add up the absence days correctly.

3. Faling to apply a multiplier correctly.


So treble check the maths before you go into individual consutlation with Kevin, he’ll be complaining to the ref at any real or imagined injustice.

Tomorrow the blurred lines problem.