That dishevelled maverick Dominic Cummings wants to introduce red teams into the civil service. Red teams stop group think and prevent errors. Better decisions are made if appropriate challenges are made.

May be Labour Party members when choosing their leader should take a leaf out of Mr Cumming’s book. Ask themselves the question who is best placed to challenge the group think currently enveloping the Tory Party and the upper echelons of the Labour Party?  What are the weak points in Mr Johnson?

Boris Johnson has a long track record of promises.  His track record of delivery is short.  The Boris bike being the political equivalent of winning the Zenith Data Systems Cup.

Mr Johnson has made his way up the greasy pole on soundbite fumes not the fuel of delivery. His schtick is bravado and blagging it. Good fortune, a weak opponent and an utter lack of guiding principle has got him this far. Luck will run out. A lack of grasp of detail will be exposed. Promises will meet the brick wall of reality. Previous soundbites will rebound on him. His own graveyard of skeletons will haunt him. Who is best able to take advantage of Mr Johnson’s numerous weak points?

Whoever takes over as leader of the Labour party needs to have experience of holding people to account, the ability to get to grips with facts to deploy forensically and surgically, the intelligence to point out the chasm between promise and delivery, as well as having the demeanour and presence to inspire confidence. The tortoise of gravitas will overtake Johnson’s chummy hare.

The person needs to have all the qualities Mr Johnson lacks– detailed, dignified, diligent, dashing, and dedicated.

Only one person fits the bill surely?