It’s interesting isn’t it that the UK media seem to be in denial about their treatment of Meghan and Harry. Denial is the cornerstone behaviour of racists everywhere.

Only some outlets appear to get that white privilege may be in play.

Perhaps employment law can help. Key questions to ask on whether Meghan has been subject to racist coverage are:

  1. Is there a difference in press treatment between Kate and Meghan? Kate is an apt comparator.

  2. If so, could the difference be because of race?

  3. Evidence of discrimination is hard to come by. Inferences are drawn from inadequate explanations.

  4. Discriminators rarely admit discrimination even to themselves.

  5. What is the explanation for the press treating Meghan less favourably than Kate?

  6. Have any phrases with racist connotations been used?

So yes the British media definitely have a case to answer here, no matter how shouty and gobby some of the denialists are.